Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Spring 2015!

 Odonata  is breaking out of the winter coccoon for another year filled with shows and new design ideas. I love a good New England winter - but this one had me a little cranky toward mid February. I am very excited about my first event of the year this Friday - Sunday. It is held in the flower filled greenhouses of my favorite garden center. The warmth of the sun and people really take away the winter blues.
Odonata Seaglass at Van Wilgen's Escape To Spring

My winter was busy helping my parents relocate from one house to another. During the packing my Dad found his father's butterfly collection. I had quite an adventure culling through the boxes of wings in every color of the rainbow.
O.K. - I know - It is mean, it is gross…..but I didn't kill em!
Below is a collage I created with the wings. It is 18" square and mounted behind glass.
This has begun a whole new thing for me. I am beginning another with peacock feathers!
If you are interested in collaging you simply get a board and paint a background with acrylic paint. Get some archival acrylic medium. It is basically fancy Mod Podge. A little dab of the glue on the spot and drop your wing, feather, leaf - whatever. A good old movie and a glass of Pinot are also very helpful!