Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Clean and maintain Seaglass Jewelry? See my post.
Summer is Here and lots of events are happening!

Please see events listings for details.

BRIDES - Don't miss the Branford Garden Club show this weekend - see listing
CUSTOM DESIGNS  -  With your seaglass I can create special designs. Great for gifts!
How to Maintain my  Seglass Jewelry?:
WINDOW CLEANER! Yes that stuff that I cannot mention the name of here!
It is great for restoring the frost to your seaglass.. It will also brighten your silver. Heavily tarnished silver will need a good silver polish  - but dull silver and glass will brighten up in a minute.
To avoid loosing the frost on your seaglass remember the rule - Last On First Off. Put your jewelry on after you do your lotions and hair products. Take the jewelry off before you put on lotions or perfumes.
GLUED JEWELRY - Any pieces that are glued must be handled carefully. I use a waterproof glue in my work - but any tiny gap can allow water in between the glass and the finding. Do not wear glued items while swimming. After cleaning and allowing to dry please test your piece to be sure it is secure. If it is loose you can pull off the old glue and re glue with E - 6000 or call me and I will be happy to repair it!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Seaglass and pearls -  It just seems natural they they go together. Birthday or no birthday it is the perfect time to accessorize a summer wardrobe. I have created a new batch of seaglass/pearl bracelets and necklaces just in time for this weekend.
Broad Street
Milford, CT
Friday and Saturday
June 6 & 7   10:00 - 5:00