Friday, September 26, 2014

Odonata Seaglass contest winner photo by Sharon Hirsch

     These are pottery shards from Hudson Bay and the local shore. I am not versed in pottery - but they are quite old.
     The bottle neck looks to be over 100 years old.
Sharon tells me that it has a lavendar color. This is clue #1 for aging the piece. Between 1880 - 1915 manganese was used in the manufacture of clear glass bottles. They used it to mask out the aqua and green from iron and other impurities. Over time and sun exposure the manganese turns lavendar.The shape of bottle neck also gives us a clue. According to Richard LaMotte's Pure Seaglass - the shape of the neck verifies that it was made between 1850 - 1920.  Fun Stuff Huh?!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Odonata Seaglass Contest   
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Amber and Gold Cuff Odonata Seaglass by Eileen Clark

I just love September! The nights are cool for great snoozing. The days warm up without getting too hot. Did you smell Fall? 
The approach of Autumn inspired me to get back to the gold.

Amber  Earrings Odonata Seaglass

This weekend I will enjoy one last burst of summer weather at
Fairfield Kiwanis Arts & Crafts Fair
On the historic town hall green on Old Post Road in Fairfield, CT.
10:00 - 4:00    9/20/14 - 9/21/14

Gold Cage Necklace Eileen Clark Odonata Seaglass
Email me some photos of your best seaglass
finds. I will post them to my blog. My pick of "Way Coolest"  will win a seaglass cord necklace! Decisions will be posted on September 26.
Autumn Curly Tube Necklace by Eileen Clark Odonata Seaglas
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