Friday, May 29, 2015

Nikki Korth Models New Odonata Seaglass Scarf

Nikki Korth Models New Seaglass Scarf 

The new bolder scarves are in! I ordered more of the originals as well. Bulk order allows price reduction to 50.00!

Meet my good friend Nicole Korth
Not only is she my fabulous right hand woman working at home with my special needs son - she happens to be a very talented artist and crafter. We have a great time sharing new projects with eachother.

Her latest venture has been an evolving series of encaustic paintings using wax, mixed media and a blow torch! She is not allowed to do THIS craft at my dining room table. She works on wood, stone, jewelry and who knows what else?! It is so alive. PLEASE visit her instagram and website! I am not technologically saavy enough to copy a photo to this blog. Besides it is too difficult to choose just one picture.
I DID, however figure out how to make links below. Just click and enjoy!

Friday, May 8, 2015

God Bless America!

Fife An Drum at Fairfield Dogwood Festival 2015
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What a beautiful weekend in Fairfield this year. The friendly  crowds came out and I spent time with my favorite vendor friends. 
We are so blessed to be in America where we have the freedom to follow our dreams! 
I thank all who have served to secure this freedom for us.