Monday, January 25, 2016

What's new on the work table?

I love winter downtime! I can create all of the designs that swam in my head through the year. Right now I am developing 2 new unisex lines made with leather, seaglass, shells, stainless steel and FISHBONES!
Odonata Seaglass Cabana Collection

Boardwalk Collection
This is NOT my hairy arm - It is my husband!
Boardwalk Collection

Saturday, January 9, 2016

First Tip for 2016
Oxidizing your silver
Making it turn black on purpose.

I am developing a new line involving leather, bones and shells. Hoping to appeal to the guys but I think everyone will enjoy the new designs. Here is what I tried.
1. Hard boil and egg. Uhhh......don't forget the egg like I did. I drifted off and found a dry pot with a very cooked egg!
2. Put the whole thing in a ziploc and smash it up. This releases the sulphur. It is fine to use the egg hot. The heat might speed up the process.
3. Add your items.
4. Check in 15 minutes. I had a bronze/copper patina.
5. Check every 15 minutes until you get the desired effect.

So excited. This is safer than Liver of Sulphur and so quick!